Property and House Maintenance Port Lincoln
My Story

I started working in the mid 70's in electronic repairs. I soon realised that this career was doomed due to the rapid advance of electronic technology so I moved into different ventures, most of them involving maintenance of some sort.
In the mid eighties I started working for a contractor doing housing maintenance for the South Australian Housing Trust.This turned out to be a six year apprenticeship into the housing maintenance industry. Here I learnt most of my skills in a wide variety of jobs including glazing, plastering, carpentry, concreting and even a bit of welding and tiling.

After six and a half years I moved on to a different job then eventually found myself working for another contractor doing housing maintenance for what was then the Public building service or SACON at the time. Whilst there I honed my skills doing a wide variety of work including minor construction jobs and building sheds and verandahs.
As I grew in competence and confidence the boss put a lot more responsibility on me, making me leading hand on some projects. But I was mainly employed doing building maintenance on government premises and houses and even schools on the Lower Eyre Peninsula.

After 4 years I left there and had short hiatus doing labouring work. In that time I did several jobs for a few people and one of them asked "Why don't I start my own business".
So in 2007 I did a short business management course and started my own Housing Maintenance Business. With over 20 years of experience in the housing maintenance game I pride myself on doing good quality and good value work. People ask me what I do. It is easier to say what I can't do.

My license won't let me do plumbing and electrical work or major construction jobs. There are plenty of other builders out there for that, so I specialize in housing maintenance. I can do repairs on almost anything in your house, and If I can't I have contacts that can.
Paul O'Brien
The Proper Maintenance
PO BOX: 2152
Port Lincoln SA 5606